Fiduciary is in Our Name

Fidato provides comprehensive financial planning for individuals and families looking to better their future. When you partner with Fidato, we provide smart, custom solutions to help you lead your life and plan for your retirement.

Plan for Your Retirement Our Fiduciary Approach


Your Comprehensive Financial Plan


Give your family a sense of security.

Your focus on family and career leaves little time for complex financial strategies. That’s why we create highly customized financial plans which include investment management, asset protection, tax planning, estate planning and other disciplines to help you grow, protect, and utilize your wealth.


Ensure you are leading a self-sufficient life.

Individuals often face different circumstances and prefer different approaches to manage their money. That’s why we use a consultative approach to walk with you through the financial planning process and decisions. We strive to help you confidently take control of your future.


Evidence-based & stress tested approach.

We value your analytical aptitude and need for detail. That’s why we design a comprehensive, evidence-based, and stress-tested plan with 1,000 trial runs. We strive to help you accomplish your goals by achieving the greatest degree of long term financial reliability.

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Financial Classes

Start Planning Today

The Retirement Planning Today® class is designed for those who wish to educate themselves about planning for a successful retirement. Retirement planning has taken on a much greater importance as life expectancies have increased, people are retiring earlier, and many view retirement as a new and fulfilling chapter to their life.

This in-person class is two sessions where you will learn how to define retirement goals and acquire practical information you can apply immediately in your personal lives.

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See Us in Action

Hear directly from the team to learn what sets us apart from other wealth management firms and how you can determine if your advisor is a fiduciary.

Our videos will offer insight into the financial planning world, guiding you every step of the way and showcasing the true importance of planning.